· Part-time CFO with daily, weekly or monthly contacts
· Financial projections (pro forma)

· Business strategy to include triple-bottom-line economic thinking if interested
· Feasibility study for a new business, an acquisition, or an expansion
· Financial and cash flow analyses
· Business plan writing or review
· Grant writing (CFA, non-profit)
· Funding sources (banks, crowdfunding, revolving loan funds, angel investors, venture capital)
· Supply chain management

· Succession planning
· Procurement
· Employee management
· WMBE certification
· Joint venture marketing and strategy
· Credit repair for individuals
· Professional coaching

Our Mission

Guiding organizations to achieve values-based results.

What I've Achieved

  • Provided individual business counseling in areas of business plan development, marketing and pricing strategies, website development and e-commerce, financial analysis and budgeting, funding sources, human resource issues, restructuring, expansion, dissolution, for the benefit of new or existing businesses, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations

  • Counseled 2,600 clients, generating $60 million in economic impact, creating/saving 1,600 jobs regionally

  • Researched and wrote grant proposals (90% success rate) and monitored awarded funds

  • Found funding sources for expansion or cash flow

  • Organized supply chain management, fulfillment, and e-commerce ordering systems

  • Created statement of work for projects with supporting Gantt Chart timelines

  • Worked with clients to clarify their requirements for organization’s software needs