• Financial and cash flow analyses, budgeting

  • Part-time CFO with daily, weekly or monthly contacts

  • Feasibility study for a new business, acquisition, or expansion

  • Funding sources (banks, crowdfunding, revolving loan funds, angel investors, venture capital)

  • Business plan development and financial projections (pro forma)

  • Funding sources for expansion or cash flow

  • Grant writing with a 90% success rate (CFA, nonprofit)

  • Managed fundraisers

  • Credit repair for individuals

Project management

  • Supply chain management, fulfillment, and e-commerce ordering systems

  • Developed systems to increase efficiency in fast-growth software company


  • Professional coaching

  • Business strategy to include triple-bottom-line economic thinking

  • Succession planning

  • Restructuring

  • Expansions

  • Procurement

  • Employee management


  • Joint venture marketing and strategy

  • Developed complete corporate image and communications strategies

  • Managed and created social media presence across multiple platforms

  • Public relations, created media kits, press releases, and promotional material, e-newsletters

  • Website maintenance and updating