Myriam Bouchard, MBA

Myriam Bouchard, MBA

A natural-born strategist, Myriam currently helps entrepreneurs find peace of mind by providing constructive and creative feedback to help them make knowledge-based day-to-day business decisions and increase their bottom line, while keeping an eye on their people, the planet, and their broader long-term purpose-based business goals.

She did her first break-even analysis for a business idea when she was sixteen years old. A businessman by trade, her father taught her how to research the data she needed. Her love for the business world led her to pursue a formal education and get an MBA at Syracuse University. She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs do feasibility analyses, often leading to successful endeavors and at other times, the numbers exposing the hurdles of starting or expanding a business.

She uses a lifetime of experience in her consulting work, whether it is reviewing a profit and loss statement to help with cash flow issues, discussing marketing and pricing strategies to increase revenues, or reviewing organizational charts to improve workflow.

Myriam has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and almost 20 years as an award-winning Certified Business Advisor.

An experienced public speaker, she was an adjunct professor at the Marist College School of Management and the SUNY New Paltz School of Business.

She is a part-time CFO for businesses too small to hire in-house, and a financial analyst.

In her free time, she is a committed outdoors enthusiast who loves to hike, climb, and do archery.

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Myriam is also an Interfaith Minister.

Passionate about helping you.