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With almost 20 years of business advising experience, I can help you with every aspect of your business, including your economic growth and success.

Do you need a feasibility study for a start-up, an acquisition, or an expansion? Financial projections translates your organizational goals into specific targets.

Do you have cash flow issues? Managing growth is both science and an art form.

Do you need a strategic plan for the next year, or two to five years? Having a road map gives a sense of direction.

Do you need a business plan with sound financial projections? These tools are essential for understanding your business’ funding needs.

Are you happy with your business? We explore how to satisfy your personal aspirations with the needs of your business.



Myriam uses a lifetime of experience both as an entrepreneur and as an award-winning business advisor.

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Our first phone consultation meeting is complimentary, during which we explore your needs and exchange ideas. Please contact us today for your first appointment.

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